Marco Aboytes


Everything is connected.

Here are some of my most used links and some fun things too.


Google Remote Desktop. Free app via Chrome to manage and access your devices. Useful to give remote support to users.

Password Generator. Don’t reuse passwords. Generate them here and use a password manager application to request them.

SnapDrop. Send things from your Mac or iOS devices to your PC or Android phone using their built-in browsers and your local network.

Inoreader. Free RSS feed reader. Best alternative to defunct Google Reader. iOS / Android App available.


Name Checkr. Search for a uniform username for your next social media project.

Instant Domain Search. find an available domain for your brand.

Google Search Console. Manage your digital assets indexing and get better search results.


Unsplash. The best free stock images.

Code & Web Development

Dummy Image. Generate dummy images of any size.

Regex 101. Test your regex queries.

Table Convert. Transform your Excel data into SQL statements and more!


Digitally Imported. Best electronic radio station.

XRP Radio. The best indie /white label /not on label music station.

Soren Iverson. UI app designer of satirical and uptopian ideas that you would like to have in your everyday life.

Marketoonist. Marketing and sales related comics and articles.

Savage Chickens Marketing Posts. I'm sure you've encountered people like these characters!

I Have No TV.Curated documentaries collection.

Mandarax. Science podcast (in spanish).

PCjs. Old PC JavaScript Emulator

The Useless Web. Awesome sites for Procastination