Marco Aboytes


“We came out from the deep to help and understand”.

These lyrics became a mantra for me during my high school years, igniting a genuine hunger for knowledge and fueling my wandering pursuit of learning. I have explored diverse realms driven by a desire to make a positive impact by helping others.

My journey has encompassed these main areas:


“Why do I like this brand?” and “How can I get better customer experience?” were some of the questions that drove me to pursue a career in Marketing. I'm constantly curious about the undelying message of every advertisement or branded communications. I like to read about both successful and cautionary business stories.


Since my early encounter with a computer, I have harnessed technology to my advantage. I published my first webpage in 1999 and have since worked extensively with digital assets. I apply technology to streamline processes, save time, and optimize lives.


Growing up surrounded by music, it has become a natural passion of mine. I started playing the piano as a child. In college, I became a DJ for social parties and even played at some friends' weddings. I have also performed at special events in public venues and on various streaming platforms. I've released some tracks, remixes and mashups.

My song of the moment: Ваня Здонюк - Кучаравая (played 3 times this week).
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