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About Me

We came out from the deep to help and understand”. Those lyrics became a mantra to me when I was in high school. I enjoy helping others to do things. Also I like the process of searching information to learn and do something new.

My journey in my professional and personal life could be narrowed by the following areas:

“Why do I like this brand?” “How can I get better customer experience?” Those were some of the questions that pushed me to get into Marketing. I can’t see any advertisement or branded communication without thinking what’s behind the message anymore. I’m interested in articles and news from industries and companies I have worked for, or that are relevant to me because I use their products or services. I enjoy learning about businesses: from success stories to cautionary tales.

I won’t forget the first time I fully interacted with a computer using commands. Throughout the years, I’ve learned to use technology at my favor. It also had influenced my path and that’s why I currently work with digital assets and whatnot. I made my first webpage in 1999. Since then I’ve been able to develop my own web apps to make a survey, manage attendance to events, or apply technology to reduce time and optimize my life or someone else’s.

I grew surrounded by the radio, cassettes and records. Music became a natural passion. I learned to play piano when I kas a kid. I’ve been published in a couple of labels. I’ve been DJing in social parties since 2001. Even played at some friend’s weddings too. I got some gigs at special events in public venues. I’ve performed live guest mixes on stream platforms.